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Steve McQueen Sunglasses 714SM Special Collection

Steve McQueen Sunglasses 714SM Special Collection

The Steve McQueen Sunglasses: celebrate an icon with all of the details of the original model worn by the actor.

Persol x Steve McQueen Special Collection

The year 1968 brought us the film, The Thomas Crown Affair. However, more importantly, it brought us Steve McQueen's iconic looks. The actors wardrobe has been classed as show-stealing throughout the film due to his remarkable taliored suits, alongside antique timepieces and suave eyewear. 

A story about the past and present. A never-ending history that becomes legendary. It’s not about a destination, but a journey through ever-evolving times. 

This is Steve McQueen.

One of the biggest questions following the films success starring the American sensation is, "What sunglasses did Steve McQueen wear?"

McQueen sports the luxury Italian eyewear brand, Persol. The Persol brand was created in 1917 by Turin based photographer Giuseppe Ratti whose aim was to create protective eyewear for daredevil motorcyclists and pilots. This brand philosophy perfectly lined up with actor Steve McQueen…It also happens to be the oldest eyewear brand in the world. Now owned by the Luxottica Group, Persol happens to be an extremely popular brand amongst males due to their mascule and sleek style. Although this style was initially brought to light by McQueen in the 60s, Persol are still dominating within the Hollywood scene. Celebrtities seen more recently sporting Persol include Kanye West, Jay-Z, Ryan Gosling, and Leonardo Dicaprio. 

The specific Steve McQueen sunglasses are listed below for you to check out. 
This is the 714 Steve McQueen, now in exclusive new colour combinations: 24/P1, 204/S3 & 95/48.

Originally introduced in the 1960s as a folding version of the Persol PO649, the 714 was the first-ever folding glasses model. The iconic pilot shape, keyhole bridge, timeless acetates and foldable system make it a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship, requiring ten additional manufacturing steps compared to the standard models.

The Persol brand – an acronym of “per il sole”, “for the sun” – immediately forged the identity which it has kept ever since: a vocation for excellence and outstanding quality, supreme craftsmanship and attention to detail, technological innovation and style.

Persol Steve McQueen 0714SM 204/S3 Folding Polarised

Steve McQueen reigns as the undisputed ‘King of Cool’, an avid motorcyclist and aviator himself, McQueen did many of his own stunts, which undoubtedly led the thrill-seeking star to the Persol brand. Steve McQueen opted for the 714 as the unique design features a mechanism that allows the sunglasses to be folded up to fit in one’s chest pocket.

Persol Steve McQueen 0714SM 204/S3 Folding Polarised

Persol was largely unknown outside of Italy until the famous Steve McQueen sunglasses featured in the film. Becoming part of McQueen’s look, Persol sunglasses were styled with turtlenecks and chukka boots by day to three-piece suits by night. Persol's style is distinctly vintage, with inspiration coming from places close to Persol's heart: technology and cinema. All Persol sunglasses all feature the distinctive Persol Arrow on the temple, inspired by the swords of ancient warriors. This design detail is carefully placed on an unmistakably unique union of nature and technology. Persol’s acetate comes from​ cotton, powdery pigments that are blended to form​ variations that can only be found in Persol sunglasses. This method allows the brand to create colour variations that are unique for each frame and wearer.


Today the 714SM sunglasses are achieving the legendary status they deserve.

Steve McQueen Persol Special Collection

Still utilising the revolutionary three notch bridge design, this folding Persol Steve McQueen Special Edition collection features the details of the original model worn by the actor. The blue lenses are a favourite of Steve McQueen which you can see featured in the 204/S3 Honey Opal Yellow acetate frame. As always, the eyewear is manufactured with top quality crystal, Persol PO071SM sunglasses are lightweight and comfortable. The folding closure system is featured at the end of the stem on each model in the special edition collection. The name Steve McQueen is embellished on the inside of the stem and on the stylish leather case. The case also sees an upgrade compared to the standard 714, instead of the magnet closure, you have a snap button closure. The high quality leather exterior is paired with a luxe velvet interior which not only looks great but also protects your sunglasses from scratches.

If you'd like to order any of Steve McQueen Persol 714 Sunglasses then please get in touch with our team by clicking on our live chat button [the black circle to the left hand side of the screen], email us at or give us a call on 0800 954 5689.


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