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Ken's Sunglasses in the Barbie Movie: Unveiling the Symbolism

Ken's Sunglasses in the Barbie Movie: Unveiling the Symbolism

In the captivating universe of the Barbie movie, where empowerment and self-discovery intertwine, one subtle yet significant element stands out – Ken's stylish sunglasses. The Saint Laurent 466 001 frames, described as "a hyper-feminine style, a strong statement celebrating woman's power and her own sense of self," encapsulate a profound symbolism that harmoniously resonates with the film's overarching message of feminine empowerment.

As we journey through the world of Barbie and delve into the depths of Ken's eyewear choices, we uncover how these sunglasses mirror the essence of the movie's narrative.



The frames embrace an extreme reinterpretation of the classic cat-eye style, adorned with distinctive corner angles. The temples, enriched by the Saint Laurent logo, become more than just an accessory; they metamorphose into a powerful emblem of self-assuredness and the celebration of women's strength.



In the interview clip above featuring Ryan Gosling, he opens up about his 'Ken Essentials.' Turns out, one of his must-haves is always having two pairs of sunglasses on hand...

Gosling offers a glimpse into Ken's character, showcasing his unwavering commitment to uplifting Barbie's aura. He articulates, "Sunglasses. Ken's gotta have at least two pairs at all times. The first pair should be something Barbie would wear. She needs them for whatever reason, and you should have them ready. Dark ones are great; they can conceal your sadness. You wouldn't want to bring Barbie down. This is why you also carry a second pair, either matte or mirrored. This way, you can reflect Barbie's greatness, as that's your true role. She can use them for her lipstick touch-ups while you mask your own emotions." 


The sunglasses showcased in the video encapsulate Ken's integral role within the narrative, amplifying the film's core message.


The symbolism behind Ken's sunglasses in the Barbie movie transcends their physical presence, becoming a powerful representation of feminine empowerment and support. The Saint Laurent 466 001 frames, with their hyper-feminine style and distinctive design, encapsulate the movie's essence by celebrating women's power and individuality. Just as Ken's sunglasses reflect Barbie's greatness while he stands strong, they mirror the movie's central message of unity, strength, and embracing one's authentic self. As we delve into the world of Barbie, we're reminded that fashion can be more than fabric and design – it can be a language that speaks volumes about empowerment, identity, and the beauty of collaboration.


Shop Ryan Gosling's Barbie movie sunglasses with the Saint Laurent 466 001 shades.

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Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling Barbie movie sunglasses


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