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Miley Cyrus Flowers

Miley Cyrus Flowers Music Video: Get the Look

Let’s talk about what seems to be taking the internet by storm at the moment… Miley Cyrus Flowers. Cyrus has undeniably always found herself at the centre of the media's attention in many instances, both good and bad. As we know from many examples, growing up as a child star in Hollywood is never always fun and games. In fact, along with growing up in the limelight comes worldwide controversy and criticism. Miley, through the years, has not always aligned with, and maintained the innocent and lovable Hannah Montana image that she originated from. Since 2008, Miley has had her fair share of criticism, and even faced a huge amount of public backlash and attention when she decided to change her image completely during her “Wrecking Ball era”. 

Alongside her public controversy throughout the years comes one of the most searched and publicised Miley Cyrus queries yet, her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. Since 2009, the pair have been on and off and eventually finalised their divorce at the beginning of 2020. Towards the end of their relationship timeline, Miley explained that the pair had a lot of conflicts attached to their relationship - one of the main reasons for their divorce. At this point, Liam had progressed into his new relationship with model Gabriella Brooks. That was the last that we heard of the former couple…


Until Miley Cyrus Released Flowers of Course...

Miley has decided to bring the past to light in her new hit music video release, Flowers. Or so the public believes as Miley has made no name indications throughout the song. However, her actions, lyrics, and outfit choices seem to be taking the social media world by storm. Oh, and not to mention her release date also happened to be Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. Let’s discuss… 

Miley looks exceptional throughout the whole 3 minutes and 21 seconds of the music video sporting vintage YSL, a black swimsuit, and an oversized power suit. Many believe that the suit replicates the suit that her ex-husband had worn to the Avengers: Endgame premiere back in 2019. This was also the same night a video had gone viral of him telling her to behave on the red carpet! Our favourite look in the whole video has got to be the outstanding Saint Laurent fit. Miley looks empowered sporting a chic gold Saint Laurent two-piece, from a FW early 90s collection, that she pairs seamlessly with a pair of black Saint Laurent Betty shades. These sunglasses express sophistication and are so good that she continues to pair them with other outfits within the video too! Thankfully for you, this style is available here at Pret a Voir. 





Miley Cyrus flowers


The Saint Laurent 461 Betty's are extremely versatile shades, perfect for both day and night looks, and great for everyday wear as well as looks that are more glam. The sleek black frame, with limited detailing, also makes this pair of shades super easy to style. They will go with virtually anything! Made with 100% acetate, this thick frame is extremely durable, and the lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. What's not to love? 

The rectangular shape of these sunglasses makes them the perfect pair for those with a rounder face by providing them with more definition in all the right areas! The size of these glasses is also great if you want to make a statement but do not want the frames to overpower your face. 


Saint Laurent 461 Betty


Saint Laurent is known for their exceptional eyewear collection and styles. Replicating the couture collections, YSL eyewear displays class and significance in each pair of frames. Their eyewear collection is highly favoured by notable celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Kris Jenner, Travis Scott, and of course Miley. With their long history and outstanding reputation, they really are a brand worth investing in!


There’s More on the Miley Cyrus Flowers Scandal...

The public has also noted some more 'shade' that has been thrown in Liam’s direction! Along with releasing the track on the actor’s birthday, and imitating his red carpet look, fans have recognised that the lyrics and whole vibe of the song seem very similar to Bruno Mars’ 2012 hit single ‘When I Was Your Man’. According to many sources, Hemsworth had once dedicated the song to Cyrus when they were together. 

Now, time to wrap up the drama. We must admit that Miley has done an exceptional job on the new track, particularly with her styling. If she has once again aimed to find herself at the pinnacle of the public eye, she certainly has achieved it!








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