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Run-DMC Glasses: Get Darryl McDaniel's Look

Run-DMC Glasses: Get Darryl McDaniel's Look

Run-DMC Glasses - the close association with Cazal eyewear. 

Run-DMC was an American hip-hop group formed in the early 1980s in Queens, New York. The group consisted of the members Joseph "Run" Simmons, Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, and Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell (who tragically died in 2002). 

The group helped to popularise hip-hop music and culture during the 1980s, and they were also the first hip-hop group to achieve mainstream success, with hits like "It's Like That" and "Walk This Way." The latter collaborated with the rock band Aerosmith and became a crossover hit, reaching the top five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

Alongside their hard-hitting beats and rhymes, the group's fashion style helped define the "street" look of the era. They often wore Adidas tracksuits and sneakers, which helped to popularise the sports brand in the hip-hop community. 

When it came to fashion, the members of Run-DMC were known for their love of tracksuits, fedoras and Adidas sneakers, which collectively became the iconic element of their look. The Adidas brand had managed to solidify its place in hip-hop culture, and the group even dedicated a song to the brand name titled "My Adidas."


Alongside their fedoras were other accessories, including gold chains and the iconic Cazal sunglasses. 

Run DMC Glasses



Run-DMC Glasses - The 607s


Group member Darryl McDaniels was the most closely associated with the Cazal brand out of the three members. His signature style featured all of the above garments, much like his fellow group members, but he stood out from the other two with a pair of bold, oversized black frames with gold detailing - The 607s.

The Cazal Legends MOD 607 model was introduced in the 1980s. The frames quickly became popular amongst hip-hop and rap musicians with the help of McDaniels and other hip-hop legends, including LL Cool J and Rick Ross. This particular model from the Cazal brand quickly gained a reputation for being a status symbol amongst those within the hip-hop community.

With a distinctive design that includes thick, angular frames and gold-plated metal detailing, these frames add style and luxury to any look. Looking luxurious was a big deal to rappers in the 80s as their fashion style reflected the emerging hip-hop culture of the era. As hip-hop was a new genre on the scene, those involved were always looking for ways to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd, and large statement-making glasses helped to achieve this particular style.  


Run DMC Glasses



Cazal & The Role of Hip-Hop Today 


Cari Zalloni's brand has come a long way since 1975. The designer has always channelled bold yet distinctive styles into each eyewear design featuring intricate detailing and avant-garde designs. Zalloni has the 80s hip-hop scene to thank for the rise of his signature brand, as these icons influenced and exposed a younger demographic to Cazal frames. It was primarily young, urban, and fashion-forward individuals who opted for Cazal shades as they wanted eyewear that would help them stand out from the crowd.

Today, Cazal eyewear continues to be a popular choice amongst those who appreciate the brand's unique aesthetic and heritage. The bold and avant-garde designs remain highly sought after and worn by numerous A-list celebs, musicians, and fashion influencers worldwide. The brand's demographic has expanded since its early days and is now loved by fashion enthusiasts worldwide who appreciate high-quality and distinctive eyewear.


A-listers in Cazal...

Run DMC Glasses



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To view our full Cazal celebrity glasses collection click here.


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