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Christmas Gifts for Mum - Glasses Edition

Christmas Gifts for Mum - Glasses Edition

Christmas Gifts for Mum - Glasses Edition

If you are scrambling around last minute, as we all find ourselves doing at one point or another, then fear not. We have some of the most perfect 'Christmas gifts for mum ideas' to share with you! Trying to suss out what to get the woman who has everything, and has given you everything, can be tricky. So, it is important to approach your mum's Christmas gift with genuine thought.

At times, personal preference comes into play during the gift buying process. You can quite often find yourself gravitating towards items that you love without considering if she would too. We get it, shopping for your mum can be difficult. Especially with the fear of ordering the wrong size crossing your mind. Which, FYI, is why you should steer away from clothing items!

However, we know that a great, and not to mention high-quality, pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses will never go a miss. Thankfully for you, we have provided a list of styles that all mum's would love and appreciate! Christmas gifts for mum will no longer be a worry after selecting that perfect pair!


Ray-Bans - The Most Favoured Sunglasses Worldwide

If you have no clue where to start on the luxury items list, then Ray-Bans are the perfect place to begin. There is a reason that Ray-Bans are the most popular sunglasses brand worldwide. With high quality frames and lenses, and styles that are bound to suit everyone, Ray-Ban sunglasses also offer classic lenses that block out visible light by 85% to provide a natural vision experience. Ray-Ban are also known for their polarised lens style which can filter light for a clearer viewing. That's perfect if your mum has a summer holiday planned for 2023 . We all know that the sun can be much brighter abroad!

One of the most popular pairs has got to be Ray-Ban Aviators which are known to suit any face shape. Although we offer a huge selection of Ray-Ban glasses, these ones have got to be our favourite. They are perfect for most age ranges too.

Ray-Ban Aviator Large Metal Ray-Ban RB 4323Ray-Ban Round Metal

A Chic Black Frame - Christmas Gifts For Mum's Who Wear Prescription Glasses

If your mum does happen to need prescription eyewear, then why not revamp her look and update her everyday glasses? After all, they are an item that she will get great use out of. One of our current bestsellers are the Prada model PR 18WV 1AB101. Prada are known for their cutting-edge style. Therefore, wearing a brand as valuable as this one is guaranteed to upscale any of your mothers looks or outfits. This design is great for those who appreciate the value of higher-end products. Or, who prefer a bold and sturdy frame around their glasses.


Prada PR 18WV


For a cheaper alternative to this Prada style, why not check out this pair from Montana Optical or this pair from Calvin Klein? High-end luxury is not always for everyone, and we appreciate that here at Pretavoir. This is why we offer products that are at all ends of the price scale. Similar and less expensive styles will always do the same job! Make sure to consult your mum about her prescription lenses first so that we can get her glasses just right!

Click here for lens information.


A Classy Pair of Statement Gucci Shades

If your mum is prone to sporting a huge pair of black full rim sunglasses, we would presume that she likes to dress on the classier side. Gucci are no stranger to producing a bold pair of all black sunglasses. You will also notice that most designs vividly display the logo or the Gucci name. The three pairs below are all perfect options when considering Christmas gifts for mum. We can guarantee that their quality and detailing will not disappoint!


 Gucci GG1023S

Gucci GG0418S


Christmas Presents for Mum That Take Her Back to Her Younger Days - Coloured Lens

For a more unusual and one of a kind pair of glasses, why not opt for colour lens sunglasses for your mum this Christmas? Many people steer away from a pair of black sunglasses as it may look too harsh on the face of those with a paler skin tone. Also, in summertime, it can be nice to spice up outfits with a pop of colour to your face. Your coloured shades will also stand out with a tan!

Your mum may remember coloured lenses originating in the 60s or 70s, when their favourite stars were stepping out sporting unique looks with crazy eye accessories. But in 2021, the coloured lens made a huge comeback and seems to be extremely popular amongst eyewear buyers. Depending on how bold your mum's style may be, we have provided a few variations from brands including Chloe, Tom Ford, Michael Kors, and Saint Laurent.


Chloe Franky Sunglasses


Tom Ford Jack-02


A Thin Frame Or No Frame?

Moving back to prescription glasses, did you know that thinner frames tend to be the most sought after style of prescription glasses? Rather than have a statement piece on their face, a lot of individuals who sport glasses often opt for a softer and more subtle look. Thin frames help to achieve that look. Others prefer to have as little frame as possible and decide to go for a rimless style.

Some of our most popular thinner, and rimless, frames are listed below from brands such as Oliver Peoples, Mulberry, and Montblanc. They are perfect for those mothers who prefer a more effortless look. 


Mulberry VML125

Oliver Peoples Clyne


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