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Brand Spotlight: Cazal

Brand Spotlight: Cazal

Combining both elegance and extravagance, the Cazal brand displays the raw talent and excellence of one of the greatest eyewear designers of all time. With unique bold detailing, this eyewear style is targeted at those who appreciate high-quality, luxury fashion. 

So let's start at the beginning of the story and discuss the brands origination...

Cari Zalloni founded Cazal in 1975 with his business partner Gunter Bottcher. It was in Vienna, as with many eyewear legends, that the young Cari would learn his design trade. After graduating from the Vienna Academy of Applied Arts in the 60s, Cari went to Italy to work as a furniture manufacturer but it wasn’t until moving to Germany in 1962 that he began to hone his craft working for Carrera Optyl.

Zalloni evidently had an eye for design. In particular, many of his vintage table lamp designs are still sold to this day. With their unique shape and colour choice, they are a bold statement piece for those looking to feature a lavish accent in their home. 

It is clear that Zalloni's design style was to think outside the box to create a design that had never been seen on the market. A design style that would hopefully intrigue many... and that's exactly what he did with eyewear.


Cari’s initial vision was to make sunglasses with mismatched lenses and pieces that stood out from the crowd. 

There was a cultural move in the late 70s and early 80s with young people listening to the early sounds of scratch hip hop influenced by east coast America.


 Zalloni certainly made his mark in the 80s - at the height of the hip-hop era. The Golden Age of Hip-Hop saw the rise of icons such as RUN-D.M.C, Slick Rick, LL Cool J, and Public Enemy. It was at this time that the world realised that a career in rap and hip-hop was possible. Along with the music, came the style. These rising stars on the music scene stood out by sporting oversized streetwear clothes paired with gold accessories such as oversized chains, watches and rings. Gold was a statement accessory in the hip-hop world, displaying affluence and credibility. As the eyewear brand began to emerge during this era, Zalloni recognised the demand for gold detailing and implemented this design style into his collection.

However, the brand did not blow up entirely at first. But, when Darryl McDaniels, a member of Run-D.M.C, began sporting the shades, the Cazal brand started to become easily recognisable and wanted by many. Zalloni realised that the public was interested in accessories that made a statement, not necessarily protection - a realisation that is still prominent in his designs to this day. Fast forward forty years, and the brand continues to shine within the music industry. With stars such as Jay-Z, Kanye West, Rick Ross, Snoop Dogg, and Beyonce continuing to sport Cari’s designs, the brand continues to dominate amongst A-listers.

Cazal in hip-hop

Cazal on a-listers

Al Pacino in MOD 968 001, Beyonce in MOD 958 302, Snoop Dogg in MOD 607/3 001, Usher in 902 097.


Design Never Sounded So Good With Cazal 

Some A-listers have gone to extra lengths to cement themselves as followers of the brand. For example, Rick Ross. The rapper did not hesitate to declare his love for Cazal when he got the brand name tattooed on his face just below his left eye!

This iconic brand is well and truly for people looking to make bold declarations of their style. Suitable for any face shape due to the large collection of options, Cazal is designed to make a statement in every piece. 

Why not have a look at our collections and see for yourself just how impressive and grand they are!



Some Unusual Favourites Loved By PRETAVOIR...

Once you know of Cazal, identifying a design from the brand becomes very easy. Especially as the prominent bold logo is displayed on every pairs left lens. The bold gold detailing contrasting against a statement black frame almost speaks for itself. However, the collection also features some more unique designs that you may not see everyday. Let's check them out...


Cazal sunglasses



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