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Porsche Design Sunglasses

Face the sun in style with Porsche Design’s striking sunglasses. Porsche are dedicated to providing you with optimal vision regardless of the lighting conditions. Each design is innovative and futuristic. Porsche is renowned for its clean silhouettes. They symbolise a laid-back elegance with each frame. Classic, smart and timeless. The Porsche Design team are consistently on a purist to combine, contrast and elevate their design. Subtle details and shapes are prevalent all through meticulous craftsmanship. 


Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche founded Porsche Design in 1972, after leaving the Porsche car company. He designed one of the most recognisable sports cars in the world, the Porsche 911, which has influenced numerous designs within the Porsche Design Studios. The 'Designed by F.A. Porsche' trademark began being seen on all kinds of products including watches, pens, eyewear and household appliances.

The brand has consistently been recognised as pioneers in their field. In 1972 they created the concept of a black watch - there were no black watches before this time. They also produced the first titanium watch - which was a highly exotic material at the time. These ‘firsts’ have allowed Porsche to continue excelling within the field of design, along with Prof. Ferdinand’s philosophy of ‘function-follows-form’ the brand has won the more than 170 design awards across the international stage. To learn more about Porsche, read our blog on their brand history.


All Porsche Design sunglasses feature product codes ‘P'8000’. Each range of Porsche accessories begin at a different number such as their watches which are in the form ‘P’6000’. Their designs are functional and iconic. Porsche Design redefined the watch from a simple timepiece, to a stylish device that is totally designed with form and function in mind. Maximising wearability in all conditions and readability in all light levels. Porsche Design created their first consumer-available sunglasses with interchangeable lenses - the P'8478 - known as the 'Exclusive' using high-tech materials they were able to create extremely stylish and bold frames with superior flexibility and comfort.  

Porsche's sunglasses, like the P'8478s, are all about simplicity, high quality and great design. Their styles are typically modern, (although many were conceived in the 1970s - Porsche were and remain well ahead of their time) with a post-modern twist in some frames such as the über-futuristic P'8479 which were made famous by Yoko Ono on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine. The re-release of the P'8478 'Exclusive' Aviator (the re-release is known as 'The Heritage') is the most popular frame, featuring titanium construction, an extra pair of lenses and a beautifully designed lens-swapping mechanism.

These aviators are often seen on the Kardashian/Jenner family - the 8478s are unisex and come in 4 different lens sizes: 60mm, 63mm, 66mm and 69mm. The two most popular lens sizes are 66mm and 69mm which will provide you with a more 'oversized' look often seen on Kourtney, Kim and KhloeFurthering their technical design portfolio, the P'8480 folding sunglasses can be shrunk down to just 6cm square, again constructed using lightweight and durable titanium.

As an official Porsche Design® stockist, Pretavoir is proud to offer limited edition products. We currently have the 'Porsche Anniversary Edition' collectors edition which comes in an exclusive collector's box. We also have our own 'Limited Edition Gold-Edit' which an impeccable gold frame and flash-gold lenses. 



Porsche Design uses Rodenstock to manufacture its eyewear. Rodenstock has been at the forefront of optical innovation for over 135 years and has won over 50 design awards. Rodenstock is more than just a manufacturing partner to Porsche Design; they provide technical and engineering expertise as well as working together on the actual frame design process. After being designed in Germany - arguably the centre for engineering and design in Europe, Porsche Design frames are made in Italy or Japan - the two leading areas of eyewear manufacture. The location of manufacture depends on which frame is being discussed, though typically titanium frames tend to be made in Japan.

All Porsche Design frames come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.



We're able to offer prescription lenses on most Porsche Design frames, but in order to offer the best possible service and ensure your prescription sunglasses are completely accurate, we only offer this service over the telephone - please call us on +44 141 552 5065. Note that prescription lenses will not include the 'Porsche Design' etching on the lens, though the lenses will be of the highest optical quality. We can match most tints, and we can add polarisation, but unfortunately, we are unable to offer mirrored lenses.

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