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Porsche Design Glasses
Porsche Design Glasses
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Porsche Design Glasses

Porsche Design Glasses Studio was established in Stuttgart, Germany, in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche (nickname Butzi). The grandson of the Porsche founder Ferdinand Porsche who was famed for designing the Porsche 911. Originally known as the 901, the car is just one example of the many objects Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche designed throughout his career, all based on the principle that "if you analyze the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." If you want to know about the heritage of the Porsche Brand check out our blog on Porsche Design. Porsche has been producing car-related accessories since the 1950s, with luggage series, clothing and lifestyle products all being offered in the "Porsche Boutique". The Design Studio was relocated to Zell am See in Austria in 1974 where it remains today. It creates the contemporary work in line with Butzi’s vision.

Porsche Design works in an innovative manner. It allows their team to produce the ultimate technology within each of their eyewear designs. Never straying too far from their roots, Porsche Design understands that the ultimate driving experience can only be achieved when you have the best possible view in the cockpit. Even in difficult weather and road conditions. With their modern glass technology, Porsche Design glasses give you the ultimate optical experience at all times, the outstanding quality of their lenses means you always have a clear view.

Using resilient materials, every detail of your Porsche Design Eyewear sunglasses is uncompromisingly aimed at superb vision offering you maximum anti-glare meanwhile protecting your eyes from dust and dirt. Your Porsche Design glasses provide you with the best in scratch protection along with increased abrasion resistance. This is thanks to Porsche’s special coating material. Working with their state-of-the-art durable duplex coating, all Porsche Design lenses provide you with double glass protection. It vows to provide you with outstanding comfort thanks all while remaining lightweight and sustainable. 


All Porsche Design glasses feature product codes ‘P'8000’. Each range of Porsche accessories begin at a different number such as their watches which are in the form ‘P’6000’. Their designs are functional and iconic. Porsche Design redefined the watch from a simple timepiece, to a stylish device that is totally designed with form and function in mind. Maximizing wearability in all conditions and readability in all light levels. Porsche Design created their first consumer-available sunglasses with interchangeable lenses - the P'8478 - known as the 'Exclusive' using high-tech materials they were able to create extremely stylish and bold frames with superior flexibility and comfort.  


Porsche Design uses Rodenstock to manufacture its eyewear. Rodenstock has been at the forefront of optical innovation for over 135 years and has won over 50 design awards. Rodenstock is more than just a manufacturing partner to Porsche Design; they provide technical and engineering expertise as well as working together on the actual frame design process. After being designed in Germany, arguably the centre for engineering and design in Europe. Porsche Design frames are made in Italy or Japan. The two leading areas of eyewear manufacture. The location of manufacture depends on which frame is being discussed. Typically titanium frames tend to be made in Japan.

All Porsche Design frames come with a 2-year manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects.


We're able to offer prescription lenses on most Porsche Design frames, but in order to offer the best possible service and ensure your prescription sunglasses are completely accurate, we only offer this service over the telephone - please call us on +44 141 552 5065. Note that prescription lenses will not include the 'Porsche Design' etching on the lens, though the lenses will be of the highest optical quality. We can match most tints, and we can add polarisation, but unfortunately, we are unable to offer mirrored lenses.

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