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Akoni Sunglasses

AAkoni sunglasses display a contemporary and stylish flair whilst also being extremely practical and protective. The Akoni Group, founded recently in 2019, uses only the highest quality materials and unique techniques to provide us with a new line of eyewear. Founders, Rosario Toscano and Salma Rachid united based on holding shared "values, interests and passions" with an end goal of evolving eyewear through innovation. 


Akoni sunglasses range from subtle everyday designs to styles with exceptional detail and class, much like their optical collection. Their clientele is those with an appreciation for luxury high-end fashion. The brand's high price point is established by the materials used to create its collections which are both durable and sustainable. Hand-crafted in Japan, Akoni use only the finest Japanese materials to create each pair of sunglasses. The Fukui region of Japan is particularly known for their fine craftsmanship, impeccable skills and attention to detail. This region is the heart of the brand's core, as time has been taken to establish only the most reputable and skilled artisans and producers to work alongside the Akoni brand name. 


We can certainly guarantee that when investing in Akoni sunglasses you are investing in longevity, as frames are constructed using only the most outstanding and highest-quality Japanese acetate and titanium. The acetate frames, crafted from cotton and renewable wood over a three-month process, are guaranteed to keep their shape. For sunglass wearers looking to enhance their vision through lenses, Akoni's dual-AR polarised lenses will fulfil that need. 


Akoni X Balmain 


Akoni eyewear's newest and most credible collection features a collaboration with French luxury fashion house Balmain, which exhibits the same luxurious attention to detail held at the heart of both brands. Oliver Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain, and Akoni CEO, Rosario Toscano, certainly did not fail with this collection. With bold gold detailing alongside thick frames, the collection is nothing short of extravagant.


Akoni Sunglasses X Valentino


Valentino, the luxury fashion brand, announced a new partnership with eyewear brand Akoni Group in 2022. Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli was determined to ensure that the quality of Valentino's eyewear matched the high standards of their haute couture collection. As a result, the brand launched a new eyewear collection in early 2023 that boasts impeccable quality and exceptional craftsmanship. 

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