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Persol Glasses

Persol glasses are renowned for being an exquisite collection of eyewear. Established in 1917 by Turin-based photographer Giuseppe Ratti, Persol's iconic eyewear designs are highly regarded for their innovative style, exceptional materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. The name "Persol" originates from the Italian phrase "per il sole", which translates to "for the sun", reflecting the brand's dedication to creating the ultimate sunglasses.

Persol glasses began as protective eyewear for daredevil motorcyclists, pilots, and eventually the military. From there, the brand began to revolutionise eyewear design, like coming up with the 3-notch bridge still used on some Persol models today. The brand possesses outstanding quality, supreme craftsmanship, attention to detail, technological innovation and style.

Sophisticated, Vintage Inspired Eyewear: Persol Glasses

Persol's distinctive style is heavily influenced by vintage aesthetics, drawing inspiration from the brand's deep-rooted passions: technology and cinema. Every pair of Persol glasses is adorned with the iconic silver arrow, representing the brand's unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and superior quality. Persol's Reflex collection takes inspiration from vintage cameras, while their Film Noir collection is designed with characters from the iconic genre in mind. Recently, Persol introduced the Typewriter Edition, inspired by the intricate moving parts inside a typewriter. Renowned for their outstanding functionality and exceptional quality, Persol glasses are the preferred choice of NASA, Paris-Dakar rally contestants, and mountaineers.

Persol glasses are renowned for their sophisticated and stylish design, featuring carefully selected materials that set them apart. This has earned them a following among celebrities like Greta Garbo and Steve McQueen. The Persol optical collection is still produced in Lauriano, Turin, ensuring that the brand maintains its commitment to delivering superior quality lenses and frames that are both wearable and comfortable while pushing the boundaries of innovation.


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