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Mulberry Glasses

Mulberry Glasses - One of Our Favourite Eyewear Collections

Mulberry glasses signify that same heritage so fundamental to the brand. Each Mulberry frame is instantly recognisable thanks to its distinctive detailing and precious qualities achieved by skillful hands of master craftsmen. The Mulberry Eyewear Collection is eclectic, exquisite and extraordinary, each eyeglass is strikingly shaped using timeless colours with delicate crystals and embossed detailing. There are comparable connections between the brand's acclaimed handbags and eyewear such as tartan patterns, pyramidal studs and warm tones which exhibit a decisive yet delicate sense of femininity across the entire Mulberry archive.

Mulberry History

Mulberry was born in 1971 in Somerset, England at the kitchen table of Roger Saul. With £500 backing from his mother, his sister designed the instantly-recognisable tree logo along with the name “Mulberry” in connection to the trees they would pass each day on their way to school. The Mulberry brand continues to stay true to its quintessential British roots as well as its heritage of love, nature and family. Early inspiration came from English rural pursuits such as hunting, shooting and fishing - which became known as "Le Style Anglais" in 1975. Mulberry continues to be influenced by the transition between Somerset serenity and London energy, combining authenticity, true craftsmanship and innovative design.


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