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Blue & Beyond: Kering Eyewear


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Blue & Beyond: Kering Eyewear

Kering's Blue & Beyond project introduces an exclusive collection of blue light and photochromic (also known as transition) UV protection glasses, uniting renowned brands like Gucci, Cartier, Saint Laurent, Montblanc, Chloé, and Dunhill. This extraordinary collaboration elevates eyewear to unprecedented heights.

Marking a pioneering stride in luxury eyewear, the Blue & Beyond project seamlessly merges iconic frames with lenses that embody innovation. Crafted to address digital eyestrain, whether from indoor screens or outdoor sunlight, it offers a revolutionary solution.

At its core lies the convergence of style and lens technology. These lenses integrate designs with intelligent craftsmanship, featuring blue-light-filtering treatment and photochromic advancements.

This innovation serves a dual purpose: countering harmful blue light from digital devices and providing safeguarding against the sun by transitioning to a darker tint outdoors.

Indoors, the lenses absorb blue light within 380 to 500 nanometers, impressively reducing it by 26% to 45%. Outdoors, empowered by photochromic technology, the reduction escalates to a minimum of 70%, ensuring comprehensive eye protection across diverse lighting conditions.

This project embodies fashion and technology, redefining synergy. This fusion is a testament to Kering Eyewear's commitment to solutions for evolving lifestyles. With the Blue & Beyond collection, you embrace innovation, enhancing visual well-being.

Transcending eyewear boundaries, this collection harmonises iconic style and cutting-edge lens technology for the challenges of the digital age. Immersed in the world of screens indoors or the basking sun outdoors, it's a testament to Kering Eyewear's dedication to innovation and sophistication.

Key Features & Benefits of Kering's Blue & Beyond

  • Technological Advancements: Blue & Beyond showcases Kering's commitment to leveraging advanced lens technologies. These technologies encompass enhanced blue light protection, anti-reflective coatings, and other proprietary features that elevate visual comfort and eye wellness.
  • Blue Light Protection: The collection integrates specialised lenses that filter out harmful blue light, addressing concerns related to digital eye strain and potential sleep disruption caused by excessive screen exposure.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Sustainability is a core component of Kering's philosophy. The Blue & Beyond initiative places a strong emphasis on reducing the environmental footprint of eyewear production through eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices. 
  • Innovative Materials: Kering explores innovative materials that prioritise both performance and sustainability, showcasing the brand's dedication to creating products that resonate with conscious consumers. 
  • Aesthetic Excellence: The brand's commitment to style and luxury is evident in the Blue & Beyond collection. The initiative combines cutting-edge technology with timeless designs, ensuring that wearers enjoy both functional benefits and stylish aesthetics. 

Enhance Your Visual Experience with the Blue & Beyond Collection

Blue Light Lenses: Designed to filter or reduce the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, mitigating digital eye strain caused by screens. Blue light is a high-energy wavelength of light emitted by digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets, as well as artificial lighting. Find out more about blue light, check out our blog post "What is Blue Light?"

Photochromic Lenses: Often referred to as transition lenses, these lenses darken when exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light and return to clear indoors, providing convenience without addressing blue light. This adaptive darkening and lightening process is achieved through a chemical reaction taking place within the lens material. These lenses are popular for their convenience as they eliminate the need to switch between regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. 

Blue & Beyond Lenses: Combines blue light protection and photochromic technology for comprehensive eye care indoors and outdoors. Designed to serve a dual purpose, the unique coating reduces blue light indoors and intensifies protection outdoors. This innovative design caters to individuals who not only seek relief from digital eye strain but also desire comprehensive eye protection between indoor and outdoor settings. 

Sustainable Advancements in Eyewear with Blue & Beyond 

Kering's initiative, Blue & Beyond, embraces a comprehensive stance on sustainability, acknowledging the compatibility of luxury and conscientious practices. Through a focus on environmentally friendly materials, waste reduction, and the integration of ethical production methods, Kering showcases its commitment to lessening the ecological footprint of its eyewear collection. 

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