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Alexander McQueen Sunglasses

Alexander McQueen Sunglasses
Alexander McQueen Sunglasses
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Alexander McQueen Sunglasses

Welcome to the enchanting world of Alexander McQueen sunglasses, where fashion transcends mere utility to become a statement of individuality and artistry. Our Alexander McQueen Sunglasses Collection is the epitome of innovative design and elegance, ensuring that you never settle for ordinary eyewear.

A Legacy of Intriguing Creativity: The McQueen Story

Alexander McQueen, a London native, was born on March 17th, 1969, and his influence on the fashion world is nothing short of iconic. At just 16, he embarked on an apprenticeship at the prestigious Savile Row tailors, Anderson and Sheppard, and later at Grieves and Hawkes. These early experiences honed his technical skills and attention to detail. McQueen's journey continued at Angels and Bermans, a theatrical costumier, where he mastered six methods of pattern cutting, from the dramatic styles of the 16th century to the razor-sharp tailoring that would become his signature.

A Style Like No Other: McQueen's Design Philosophy

Alexander McQueen is celebrated as one of the most influential fashion designers of his generation. His designs are characterised by an extraordinary blend of innovation and exceptional technical prowess. This unique sensibility has continued to be upheld by McQueen's Creative Director from 2010-2023, Sarah Burton, and her dedicated team at Alexander McQueen. The result? A collection of sunglasses that exemplify true craftsmanship, artistic expression, and impeccable attention to detail. As of September 2023, Sean McGirr will take on the role of Creative Director at Alexander McQueen.
Each pair of Alexander McQueen sunglasses is a testament to quality commitment. We meticulously craft each frame from opalescent acetate and corrosion-resistant Monel metal. These premium materials ensure that our sunglasses are not only visually striking but lightweight and exceptionally durable.

Iconic Designs: The Skull Motif

The iconic skull motif, a hallmark of Alexander McQueen's aesthetic, takes centre stage in our sunglasses collections. Beyond its striking appearance, the skull symbolises rebellion, individuality, and the unique beauty existing within us all. Discover this timeless emblem as it graces each frame in our remarkable collection.

Elevate your style with Alexander McQueen sunglasses, where fashion history converges with contemporary elegance. By wearing Alexander McQueen sunglasses, you don't just see the world differently; you also invite the world to see you differently. Join the legacy of one of the most influential designers of our time and make a statement that is uniquely your own.

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