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Versace 4361 GB1/87 Medusa Biggie Sunglasses - As Seen On Kim Kardashian & Jack Harlow

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Elevate your style with the classic Versace 4361 GB1/87 Medusa Biggie Sunglasses, channelling the iconic 80s/90s hip-hop scene.

These Versace sunglasses effortlessly evoke the opulent fashion of hip-hop legend Biggie Smalls. With their low-lens shape and wide temples adorned by a gold-tone heritage Medusa medallion, they exude a timeless sense of luxury.

The classic combination of a thick black frame and grey lenses captures the essence of Biggie's distinctive aesthetic. Go big or go home with these statement shades that pay homage to an influential figure in New York's rap and hip-hop scene.

Versace Biggie Sunglasses - A Timeless Piece From The 80s

Biggie Smalls' love for Versace helped solidify the brand's status as an icon of hip-hop style. The Versace 4361 GB1/87 sunglasses, previously known in the 80s/90s as the Versace 425 sunglasses, played a significant role in his fashion repertoire. These frames made a memorable appearance in his 1997 hit single "Hypnotize."

Today, the Versace Medusa Biggie Sunglasses remain a beloved choice for those with a strong personality, confidence, and a keen sense of style. A-list celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Ciara, Gigi Hadid, Maya Jama, ASAP Rocky and more, have embraced these timeless shades.

Notably, the Versace 4361 GB1/87 sunglasses have gained prominence in the 10th season of Love Island UK. Islanders, including Tyrique Hyde, Ella Thomas, and Kady McDermott, have frequently worn these stylish frames in the iconic villa, further cementing their contemporary appeal.

Indulge in the allure of the Versace 4361 GB1/87 Medusa Biggie Sunglasses and make a statement that reflects your confidence and impeccable taste.

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