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Love Moschino MOL 067/S 086

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Model Number: MOL 067/S
Frame Colour: Havana
Colour Code: 086
Frame Type: Full Rim
Frame Shape: Square
Material: Acetate
Lens Colour: Brown
Lens Width: 54mm
Bridge Size: 17mm
Temple Length: 140mm
Our SKU: 153657

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24 Month Warranty with All Frames Purchased.

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This square Moschino sunglass comes in a havana frame with brown lenses.

About Moschino:

Experience the world of Moschino Eyewear, where over-the-top designs meet Italian opulence, creating a captivating fusion of creativity and luxury. Founded in Milan in 1983 by the visionary Franco Moschino, the brand has become a powerhouse in the fashion industry, known for its campy and whimsical designs. Moschino specializes in ready-to-wear, handbags, and fashion accessories, with each piece exuding a unique blend of extravagance and irreverent charm.

Named after its founder, Franco Moschino, the brand has evolved into a global luxury fashion house, captivating the hearts of fashion enthusiasts. Moschino's journey began in Milan, where it quickly made a name for itself as an Italian fashion powerhouse. Today, Moschino stands as one of the biggest luxury fashion brands, renowned for its ability to push boundaries and challenge traditional norms.

Under the creative direction of Rosella Jardini, Moschino's luxurious offerings have flourished, capturing the essence of Franco's original vision while infusing fresh and contemporary elements. The brand has expanded its portfolio to include leather accessories, shoes, luggage, and fragrances, solidifying its position as a comprehensive luxury lifestyle brand. With an unwavering commitment to quality and design, Moschino has consistently delivered pieces that evoke joy, excitement and a sense of audacious style.

Moschino Eyewear embodies the brand's signature playfulness and opulence, offering a range of frames that exude character and individuality. Each design is meticulously crafted, showcasing Moschino's attention to detail and commitment to exceptional craftsmanship. From bold and eccentric shapes to glamorous and sophisticated styles, Moschino Eyewear invites you to embrace the extraordinary and make a statement with your eyewear choices.

Every aspect of Moschino's glasses and sunglasses collections reflects the brand's unparalleled commitment to quality and cohesive design. The parent company, in coordination with the creative team, ensures that Moschino Eyewear represents the epitome of Italian luxury, capturing the essence of Moschino's unique style and irreverent humour.

The brand's satirical approach to fashion has revolutionized the industry, infusing wearable garments with humour and wit. Franco Moschino's visionary designs challenged the status quo and playfully poked fun at his fellow designers, creating a fresh and vibrant aesthetic that continues to inspire and captivate fashion lovers worldwide.

With Moschino Eyewear, you can embrace the spirit of Italian luxury and indulge in frames that effortlessly blend playfulness with opulence. Each pair of Moschino glasses or sunglasses becomes a work of art, allowing you to express your individuality and embrace a one-of-a-kind style. Whether you seek statement-making frames or timeless elegance, Moschino offers a diverse range to cater to your unique taste and personality.

Immerse yourself in the world of Moschino and embark on a journey of audacious style and Italian sophistication. Let each pair of Moschino glasses be a testament to your love for fashion and your willingness to embrace the extraordinary. With Moschino Eyewear, you become part of a legacy that celebrates the irreverent, the bold, and the whimsical. Elevate your eyewear game with the exquisite designs of Moschino, and let your frames speak volumes about your unparalleled style.

Your brand new Moschino sunglasses will come including all official accessories and will be covered by our 24 month global warranty.

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