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Guess GU7916 41B

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Model Number: GU7916/S
Frame Colour: Shiny Black and Yellow
Colour Code: 41B
Frame Type: Full Rim
Frame Shape: Square
Material: Acetate
Lens Colour: Grey to Yellow Gradient with Light Mirror
Polarised: No
Lens Width: 55mm
Lens Height: 40mm
Bridge Size: 16mm
Temple Length: 145mm
Our SKU: 156156

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24 Month Warranty with All Frames Purchased.

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GUESS GU7916/S 41B

This square Guess sunglass comes in a shiny black and yellow frame with grey to yellow gradient with light mirror lenses.

About Guess:

The Guess eyewear collection embodies a sense of daring and trendsetting style, captivating fashion enthusiasts with its innovative designs and contemporary flair. With a rich history rooted in American fashion, Guess has become an iconic brand synonymous with boldness and self-expression. Let's explore the captivating history, exceptional materials, brand ethos, popular styles, and the inspiring creative journey behind these extraordinary eyewear collections.

Founded in 1981 by the Marciano brothers, Guess quickly made its mark in the fashion industry, redefining denim and establishing itself as a symbol of youthful energy and playful elegance. Guess expanded its influence by venturing into eyewear, capturing the brand's ethos of embracing individuality and expressing personal style. Guess eyewear embodies the spirit of adventurous self-confidence, empowering wearers to make a bold fashion statement. The brand's commitment to innovation, fashion-forward designs, and accessible luxury has made Guess a go-to choice for those seeking contemporary eyewear with a touch of glamour.

Guess Eyewear utilizes high-quality materials to ensure both style and durability. Acetate, a versatile and lightweight material, is often employed to create frames with vibrant colours and unique patterns. Additionally, Guess incorporates durable metals like stainless steel and titanium, offering sleek and modern options. The brand emphasizes meticulous craftsmanship, with frames undergoing precise assembly, polishing, and quality checks. By blending exceptional materials and skilled craftsmanship, Guess creates optical glasses and sunglasses that not only complements fashion trends but also stands the test of time.

Guess frames are known for their innovative design elements, such as intricate metal detailing, iconic logos, and bold colour combinations, adding a distinct flair to each frame. The brand frequently collaborates with notable celebrities and influencers to create limited-edition collections, amplifying its cultural impact. Guess also embraces technological advancements, incorporating features like polarized lenses and anti-reflective coatings, ensuring optimum visual clarity and eye protection. With its strong commitment to sustainability, Guess Eyewear also offers eco-friendly options, showcasing the brand's dedication to responsible fashion.

The brand offers an array of stylish frames that cater to diverse fashion preferences. From oversized cat-eye frames and sleek aviators to retro-inspired square shapes and round designs, Guess frames capture the essence of contemporary trends. The brand's eyewear collection blends boldness with sophistication, allowing wearers to express their individuality and embrace a confident style. Guess frames often feature distinctive details, such as embellishments, logo accents, and textured patterns, adding a touch of uniqueness to each design. These styles have resonated with fashion-forward individuals, making the Guess brand a sought-after choice for those who appreciate cutting-edge aesthetics.

Guess draws inspiration from various sources, including pop culture, art, and street style. Each collection reflects the brand's dedication to staying at the forefront of fashion trends and capturing the spirit of the times. Guess Eyewear embraces a dynamic and ever-evolving creative process, infusing its frames with elements of youthful energy, boldness, and a sense of adventure. By blending inspiration from diverse sources, Guess continues to create eyewear that embodies the brand's vision of trendsetting fashion.

Guess Eyewear embodies the brand's legacy of daring and trendsetting fashion, offering wearers an opportunity to express their unique style and embrace boldness. With their commitment to exceptional materials, innovative designs, and accessible luxury, Guess Eyewear stands as a symbol of contemporary elegance, empowering individuals to make a statement and celebrate their individuality through fashion.

Your brand new Guess sunglasses will come including all official accessories and will be covered by our 24 month global warranty.

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