Truoptics UV

Just because you wear prescription eyeglasses, this does not mean you have to miss out on the latest trends and technical advancements in sun wear. At Pretavoir, we offer a wide range of Rx Sunglasses that
combine the sharp vision of your prescription glasses with the total protection of sunglasses.

All you need is to pick a pair of sunglasses from our wide selection of luxury brands, an up-to-date prescription from your local optometrist and we will do the rest.

There are many different types of prescription sunglass lenses for you to choose from, our friendly and professional team can advise and assist you choose between
different lens materials and coatings. Our customer-service team are fully-trained by our in house optician on the purpose, lifestyle factors and environments that may affect your choice in eyewear.

What are TruopticsUV lenses ?

With SunRx, we can work with our lens partners to upgrade your Sunglasses to Prescription Sunglasses. This process is often referred to as 'Rx' or 'Rx-able'. Your new sunglasses can have their standard lenses replaced with prescription lenses making them perfectly match your vision correction prescription.

Working closely with our team, brands and lens providers, we have identified all the sunglass models suitable for re-glazed by our in-house optician with a sunglass grade lens from Truoptics, Essilor and Zeiss.

How do I order prescription sunglasses online?

1. Select Your Lens Brand


  • ZEISS lenses, manufactured in Germany represent the ultimate in optical precision and quality. Each order undergoes numerous stringent quality checks to ensure the highest standards are maintained.
    Every lens receives a ‘Z’ engraving to prove you have been dispensed with a genuine Zeiss product. If you are looking for the best lenses available then Zeiss should be your choice.

  • Essilor lenses represent excellent value for money for what is a very good sun lens. Essilor prides itself on the production of sun lenses which pay attention to colour and clarity with particularly good polarised lenses.

  • Truoptics UV lenses have full protection against UV400 and comply with all International Standards. All lens options are available from standard tints to mirror lenses with back surface anti glare coatings.

2. Choose Your Lens Package

These options allow you to select the most appropriate lens material for your prescription. Our recommendations are as follows:


Up To

+/- 2.00 to


+/- 2.00

And Above


Choose 1.5

Choose 1.6

Choose 1.67

Sun Rx


Elite (ZEISS)

3. Sun Lens Option

Block Colour:
This is a standard sunglass tint in which the colour and degree of tint is same throughout the lens.

Gradient: This lens will have a darker top portion and a gradual reduction in tint to a lighter lower portion.

Polarised: These lenses are the best choice in sunglasses lenses as not only do they reduce sun light intensity they also cut out reflected glare from road surfaces and water. This offers considerable improvement in visual comfort when driving in bright sun. They are also very popular with anglers, sailors and anyone taking part in sports.

Mirrored: This lens has a front surface mirror coating. The reflective properties help keep your eyes cool by reflecting infrared light transmission. They are also popular with those who wish to remain a little more anonymous as your eyes cannot be seen.

Anti-Glare: This special back coating helps to eliminate back surface ‘bounce back’ from entering your eyes and causing visual discomfort or distraction. This option in combination with polarisation represent the very best in sunglass lens design.

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