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Eye movement is multi-directional but a standard varifocal lens is designed to support linear eye movement, which can make it hard for eyes to change focus rapidly. The Varilux® XR series™ lens responds to the way your eyes really move, giving you a more natural vision experience.

The lens was developed with artificial intelligence, using 1 million data points from spectacle wearers, so it can predict everyone’s visual behaviour.

To build your lenses, we create a digital avatar of you and analyse it in a 3D environment that reproduces real-life scenarios. This process establishes your individual vision profile, which enables us to optimise the lens for your visual behaviour, not just your prescription.


A cutting-edge combination

Three exclusive Essilor technologies come together in this game-changing solution for presbyopia:


  • XR-motion™ optimises both lenses according to your prescription and your predicted visual behaviour, ensuring more fluid and sharp vision.
  • Nanoptix® smooths distortion at the periphery of the lens to minimise the unbalancing 'swim' sensation in dynamic situations, like walking up or down stairs.
  • Xtend® blends near and intermediate zones of the lens to provide clear vision at arm's length.

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