Crizal Prevencia - Blue Light Blocking Technology

What is Crizal Prevencia?

Crizal Prevencia is Essilor's Blue Light blocking surface technology.


In today's digital era, our eyes are constantly exposed to screens and artificial lighting, leading to concerns about the potential impact of blue light on eye health. UV and blue-violet light is everywhere - outdoors due to the sun and indoors due to artificial light and electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers. As most people are at risk of overexposure to harmful light in their day-to-day activities, Crizal Prevencia aims to offer a solution to improve eye protection.


Crizal Prevencia is the first preventive lens coating offering selective protection from blue-violet light and UV rays.

These lenses are the result of several years of research in collaboration with the Vision Institute in Paris, France. By gathering expertise in areas of cellular biology, physics and photometry, this research led to the identification of a precise spectrum of light wavelengths toxic to retinal cells. Based on this discovery, we developed the first clear lenses that selectively filter blue-violet light and contribute to preventing its harmful effects on the eye.


Crizal Prevencia lenses selectively filter out harmful blue-violet light. They also preserve the eye’s overall well-being by letting essential blue-turquoise light pass through. Unlike traditional blue light coatings, Crizal Prevencia goes beyond blue light protection, offering a comprehensive shield against a range of visual stressors commonly encountered in daily life.

Crizal Prevencia stands out as an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive eye protection in a digitally-driven world. Whether you're a professional spending extended hours in front of screens or an individual concerned about the long-term effects of blue light exposure, Crizal Prevencia offers a holistic solution.

Its combination of blue light filtering, UV protection, glare reduction, and enhanced clarity makes it a versatile option for anyone looking to prioritize their eye health and visual comfort.

Key Features & Benefits of Crizal Prevencia

  • Blue Light Filtering: Crizal Prevencia's advanced technology selectively filters out blue-violet light, which is known for its potential to disrupt sleep patterns and contribute to digital eye strain.


  • UV Protection: Crizal Prevencia provides protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding your eyes from potential long-term UV-related damage.


  • Enhanced Clarity: The coating's anti-reflective properties reduce glare, improving visual clarity and reducing eye strain, particularly in challenging lighting conditions.


  • Prevention of Reflective Glare: Crizal Prevencia minimizes reflections on the lens surface, enhancing the aesthetics of eyewear and reducing distractions caused by glare.


  •  Reduced Eye Fatigue: By reducing the amount of blue-violet light that enters the eyes, Crizal Prevencia contributes to reduced eye fatigue during extended screen time.


  • Long-Term Eye Health: Protecting your eyes from harmful blue-violet light and UV rays may contribute to the prevention of potential eye health issues, such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


  • Compatibility: Crizal Prevencia can be applied to a wide range of lenses, including single-vision, progressive, and prescription lenses, ensuring that individuals with different vision needs can benefit from its protective features.

Incorporate Crizal Prevencia into Your Eyewear:

Embracing Essilor's Crizal Prevencia means embracing a new level of eye protection that goes beyond conventional measures. Whether you're wearing glasses for vision correction or simply seeking a shield against the challenges of modern visual environments, Crizal Prevencia can be integrated into your preferred eyewear seamlessly. To explore the benefits of Crizal Prevencia, consult with your eye care professional or optometrist, who can guide you in selecting lenses that align with your specific needs and lifestyle.


Essilor's Crizal Prevencia offers a breakthrough in eye protection by combining blue light filtering, UV defence, glare reduction, and visual clarity enhancement. As digital devices continue to play a prominent role in our lives, investing in advanced solutions like Crizal Prevencia becomes crucial for maintaining long-term eye health and visual well-being.

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