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Starck Glasses - A collaboration with Alain Mikli
"I like to open the doors to people's brains." - Philippe Starck
Whenever we find an object or enter a place designed by Philippe Starck, we enter a world of wall-to-wall imagination and fabulous fantasy. For over 30 years, this uniquely creative designer and architect has been a part of modern life by creating objects whose purpose is to be "good" before being beautiful, whilst still being just that. Philippe Starck approaches product design in the same way a director makes a film; constructing scenes that will lift people out of the every day into an imaginative and creative world. His hotels have become timeless icons, adding a new dimension to the global cityscape.
Philippe Starck was a champion of green long before ecology became fashionable, simply out of respect for our planet's future. Recently he developed the concept of "democratic ecology" by creating affordable home wind turbines, soon to be followed by solar-powered boats and hydrogen cars. Philippe Starck is a tireless and rebellious citizen who considers it his duty to share his ethical and subversive vision of a fairer world. He is tuned in to our dreams, desires and needs - often before we get there ourselves - and makes his work a political and civic act which he accomplishes with love, poetry and humour.
Starck Eyewear is a collaboration with his Parisian friend, Alain Mikli. These pieces have unique hinge construction designed around the concept of the human shoulder, which allows movement across vertical and horizontal planes. Constructed from the finest titanium and Mazzucchelli acetate, these classic designs are an investment in vision.
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