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ROAV Sunglasses

Designed in LA, ROAV Sunglasses fits everywhere and goes anywhere.

The brand is on a global mission to deliver incredible glasses and sunglasses that ‘empower people to explore more, worry less, and always live in the moment’.

The ROAV Sunglasses brand name is pronounced 'rove' which means to travel, constantly, without a fixed destination, related synonyms would be ramble, drift, meander, wander and explore...So it makes sense that the team at ROAV are always searching for new adventures to inspire their design. Back in 2016, ROAV revolutionized the world’s idea of what folding eyewear could be, claiming the title of ‘the thinnest folding eyewear on this planet’. 

Originating on KickStarter, the brand shared their passion for pairing vintage eyewear with state of the art technology, seeking backers to patent their micro-screwless hinges that allow their eyewear to be folded into your pocket. Just two years and 795 backers later, ROAV Sunglasses showcased their innovative designs at Silmo Paris, the ambitious young brand landed their products in the hands of travelers, fashion aficionados and leaders. Using cutting edge micro technology, they developed a unique system of screwless hinges that are durable, responsive and compact. The flat folding design of the eyewear eliminates pressure on the hinges when the glasses are folded. ROAV inserted premium nylon lenses which have been developed in order to give their eyewear the utmost lightness and flexibility with both UV and IR protection as well as coatings that prevent scratches, smudges, fingerprints and reflections. 

To learn more about the brand, you can read all about them in our blog post 'ROAV Folding Eyewear'.
If you require Optical Lenses then please fill out the relevant fields in the right hand column on the product page. Alternatively, email our team at or call us on +44 141 552 5065 and our trained staff will talk you through the process.
We also offer a range of coatings with Zeiss, Kodak and WLC such as Blue Control, Pristine and Transitions.

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