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Olivia Attwood-Dack Glasses

Discover our collection of Olivia Attwood Glasses & Sunglasses - As seen on ITV's hit show, hosted by the reality star, Getting Filthy Rich.

Olivia Attwood, the British reality TV sensation, gained prominence through her appearance on the renowned UK dating series "Love Island" in 2017. Since her rise to fame, she has captivated audiences as a beloved media personality, gracing the screens of various television shows.

Renowned for her audacious and opulent fashion preferences, Olivia Attwood's signature style takes centre stage. With her recurring appearances on the reality TV show "The Only Way Is Essex" and "Getting Filthy Rich", she exudes the utmost elegance to resonate with the show's image. Notably, eyewear, both optical glasses and sunglasses, plays a pivotal role in Olivia's distinctive fashion statement. Over the years she has spent in the limelight, she has showcased several eyewear styles, ranging from timeless classics to daring, contemporary trends.

When it comes to Olivia Attwood's optical glasses, she often adorns bold frames that effortlessly make a statement, displaying her fearless experimentation with various colours, including chic tortoise, enchanting pink, crystal-clear, and bold black frames. Emulating Olivia Attwood's audacious, glamourous, and unapologetically feminine demeanour is within reach - delve into our carefully curated assortment of Olivia Attwood sunglasses. Elevate your style quotient, just like the reality star herself. 

Olivia Attwood's signature glasses styles include Gucci GG1082O 002 shiny dark havana glassesCeline CL50098I 001 shiny black glasses. 

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