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Nike Sunglasses

Nike Sunglasses
Nike Sunglasses
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Nike Sunglasses

Nike sunglasses are recognised as a durable and reliable sporting accessory from the world's largest sportswear brand.


The Development of Nike Sunglasses

Nike was able to get input from world-class athletes when designing their range of Nike eyewear. Tiger Woods, Paula Radcliffe and Paul Casey all swear by Nike sunglasses when competing in their chosen sports. Nike developed Nike Max Optics to eliminate distortion when looking straight ahead, as well as minimise it in the peripheral vision. Their frames offer a large amount of adjustability, including the arms and the nose bridge. They have also made innovations in ventilation design, minimising the risk of fogging the lenses while playing sports.


Using their knowledge of trainer construction, Nike used the same grip pattern on the temples of their sunglasses as they do on their trainers. This means maximum grip from your eyewear too. They offer interchangeable lenses so you can deal with any light conditions that come your way without it affecting your performance. All of this, coupled with their ultra-lightweight and durable design, make Nike eyewear an excellent choice for any athlete.

Nike's stand-out eyewear collection is created to make an impact. With a range of daring colours, they will always add a statement to your sporting activities.


Nike's Story

Nike, founded by Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, originally started as Blue Ribbon Sports. The company was renamed Nike Inc. in 1978 and by the early 21st century, the brand was operating stores in more than 170 countries. Although Nike dominates in the footwear industry, their success stems from its excellent marketing strategies. The brand has its foot in each market providing them with a larger market share than any other sports company in the world. Constantly taking advantage of evolving technology and advancing materials, Nike always has something new to offer to their consumer base. With their involvement in collaborations, they can diversify into new markets to attract a whole new demographic.


Nike's success continues to grow each day. 


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