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Transitions GEN S uses advanced symbiotic technology where the dyes and matrix are specifically designed to seamlessly interact together. The new matrix architecture strikes the right balance between soft and hard spaces, facilitating dye performance while maintaining robustness. The new super-charged dyes absorb more energy, improving the kinetics inside the matrix and providing the right balance between vivid colors and seamless responsiveness.


Transitions GEN S is available in 8 exclusive colors, including a brand-new addition: Transitions GEN S Ruby. All colors have been optimized to be true to tone at all times, offering vibrant tints regardless of the light or environment. While being fully clear indoors, and beautifully colored outdoors, Transitions GEN S provides endless possibilities of pairing to complement any look.


Life is dynamic, filled with constantly changing light environments that challenge vision. In this dynamic reality that ranges from dim indoor lights to bright sunlight, traditional clear lenses struggle to meet daily visual demands. With 9 out of 10 wearers interested in more than just vision correction from their lenses, 1 Transitions® GEN S™ steps in as the new lens standard, going beyond the ordinary and offering a dynamic, fantastic love-wear experience that follows the everchanging rhythm of life.

DYNAMIC With Transitions GEN S, navigate life effortlessly. Transitions GEN S adapts amazingly fast to light, providing optimal responsiveness every time, everywhere.

FANTASTIC With Transitions GEN S, love the way you look. Transitions GEN S enables wearers to personalize their looks with vibrant colors energized by the sun.

LOVE-WEAR With Transitions GEN S, ease your life. Transitions GEN S combines technology, colors and lifestyle. A smart lens that will make wearers feel confident in their glasses.


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