Give The Perfect Christmas Gift With Leisure Society!

Give The Perfect Christmas Gift With Leisure Society!

If you’re still looking for that perfect Christmas gift then we present you with the Leisure Society Clairaut Sunglasses.Leisure Society Clairaut LS90 24K Gold Plated and Navy Brown with Gold  Plated Mirror Sunglasses | Pretavoir
Named after the peerless astronomer, Alexis Clairaut, this frame has a two-tone “frame within a frame” design that is skillfully engineered utilizing ten hidden screws to secure the innovative Leisure Society construction. The brand’s angular double-bridge construction compliments the round and flat two base lenses to create a futuristic interpretation of a classic silhouette. The frame is crafted out of pure gold-plated titanium and adorned with intricate laser etchings and tastefully hand-enameled details. The frame's distinctive look can only be achieved through sculpting solid blocks of 100% titanium plated in 12k silver, 18k gold, 18k rose gold combined with matching titanium temples and a hidden spring hinge.

The lenses on your Clairaut Sunglasses are treated with a twelve-layer anti-reflective UGR12 coating, diamond-cast anti-scratch coating and water-repellent hydrophobic coating. Then they are polarised providing you with distortion-free visibility and total clarity.

All Leisure Society frames are crafted in small batches and individually numbered. Handmade in Japan from the world’s finest artisan craftsmen with a lifetime warranty, every frame comes with a premium microfiber cleaning cloth and a 100% genuine leather case with a magnetic closure that folds down for easy storage.

Leisure Society eyewear is defined by lifelong beliefs instead of brand strategy - each pair of Leisure Society sunglasses is an extension of designer Shane Baum's perspective on what life should be: spending time with family, friends, and enjoying intimate moments of absolute leisure. When Shane Baum created his Leisure Society collections, he only used the most luxurious of components: titanium frames, 12, 18, & 24 karat gold plating along with dazzling diamonds and buffalo horn which is ethically harvested then carved to create delicate detailing upon the sunglasses frame.

Leisure Society is dedicated to ‘heirloom design’ which prides itself on creating an object once with the intention of it lasting forever and being passed down from generation to generation. Confidently creating an eyewear design that lasts forever is no small feat and each Leisure Society collection is specially made in Japan using state of the art technology combined with handmade construction techniques, all sealed with a lifetime warranty.

Bestow an heirloom to your loved one this Christmas with an eyewear design that will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation, never going out of style. 

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