iConnoisseur's DITA Rikton Type

iConnoisseur's DITA Rikton Type

Still searching for that striking Christmas gift like no other? Today's iConnoisseur's Collection may have the answer, we present you with both the… DITA Rikton Type 402 DTS117 01 & the DITA Rikton Type 403 DTS117 02

The DITA Rikton Type Sunglasses are meticulously engineered to harness the ever-changing properties of light, DTS117 uses an innovative photochromatic dual-lens structure construction that provides you with an unparalleled visual experience. 
Introduced in Spring 2018, the Rikton-Type 402’s strong square style frame is the first to make use of a stacked flat-base lens system. Consisting of an interior tinted lens and exterior photochromatic lens, the Sunglasses will react as ultraviolet light conditions change interplaying between the colours creating a chameleon-like reaction. This powerful in comparison to a standard single photochromatic lens which does not allow for the full tinted lens experience, DITA Rikton’s unique ground-breaking system offers the best of both worlds in a single frame. 

Achieving this feat required extraordinary pecirion at the design level: Rikton-Type 402’s titanium chassis contains slots for both lenses, as well as a small titanium spacer to resist friction, dust and scratching. Design details like the gold tonal bridge bar containing the temples are then affixed over the top of the frame, securing its components in place. Exquisite details, from custom titanium nose pads to sculpted acetate temple tips, offer uncompromising comfort and style for the most discerning eyewear enthusiasts.

DITA’s reputation really exceeds itself when it comes to quality and innovation. The Eyewear was founded in 1995, by friends Jeff Solorio and John Juniper, introducing stylish eyewear inspired by vintage frames from the 50’s through to the 80’s. Offering luxurious eyewear that ranges from bold character frames to new interpretations of timeless shapes through innovative technology.

The name DITA is most recognisably associated with pin-up model and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, and that is exactly where John Jupiter got his brand name. Back in 1993, while DITA Eyewear was just an idea, John met Dita Von Teese and asked her if he could name an eyewear brand after her. Since then Dita Von Tease went on to model the first prototype for the brand and has collaborated with DITA Eyewear on her own line.
Each pair of DITA sunglasses are carefully crafted showcasing the brand’s high levels of manufacture that truly reflects the brand’s 25 years of experience in design. DITA frames are unparalleled, earning a coveted reputation as a true leader in optical innovation. Manufactured in Japan, DITA sunglasses are made from luxury materials ranging from titanium to 18K gold to the finest Japanese ZYL acetates.
Creating a frame can take up to as many as 320 separate production stages , and take up to 8 months to complete from start to finish. Combining both modern and traditional techniques, that are carefully selected upon each stage, to design the best finish in each individual model. In particular, DITA's best example of uncompromising standards is in the way in which they polishing their frames: unlike other brands that commercially produce massive quantities of acetate frames as quickly and cost efficiently as possible , DITA slowly tumble acetate in authentic hand-cut bamboo chips of different shapes and sizes. This traditional method of bamboo polishing results in deeper, richer, more high quality finishes that you find with all DITA products.

We are overjoyed to include DITA’s as part of our iConnoisseur's collection and are confident that giving the gift of a DITA frame this Christmas will outshine any other gift under the tree. 

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